Thirty By 30 in Thirty

I had a small “a-ha” moment when I discovered that I was going to be 30 “soon”. Sooner than my brain normally likes to think about how old I am. 30 months to be exact. It’s really easy for a girl to forget how old she’s getting when her boyfriend and all of her friends are at least 2 years younger than her. They have all freaked out this year about turning 25 and I have just rolled my eyes for the most part, but then it hit me… 30 will sneak up on me pretty quickly if I let it! I’m not in any way saying that 30 is bad or scary or even that I can’t do things after I’m 30, but I do have things that I want to do or be working towards by the time I’m 30 so I can feel like a “successful adult”… Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Here is my list in no particular order:

1. Get my sibling inspired Legend of Zelda/Harry Potter Tattoo.

2. Read all of the Books on my Bookshelf.

3. Go to Disney World with Nathan.

4. Have a relaxing Beach Vacation.

5. Go to Colorado.

6. Go on a Dog-Friendly Road Trip (Take Austin).

7. Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

8. Move Away from Jonesboro.

9. Write/Blog Regularly.

10. Be involved in my community/local government.

11. Volunteer Regularly.

12. See a Play ON Broadway.

13. Print all of my Photos and put them in a Scrapbook/Photo Album.

14. Cut out the majority of my Credit Card Debit.

15. Get a new car (after credit cards are knocked down quite a bit).

16. Have 3 months in Savings.

17. Have a regular exercise routine.

18. Complete a 10K.

19. Start Designing more (InDesign/Publisher/Photoshop).

20. Design and Send out Personalized Christmas Cards.

21. Really get started on getting into Grad School and take the GRE and/or find a real direction for my career.

22. Learn to sew something that I’ll wear in public on a normal day (not just a Halloween costume).

23. Take a “Just for Fun” Class.

24. Purge everything I don’t need.

25. Go see a movie that I want to see in a theater by myself (me-date).

26. Write a letter to myself and read it again in 10 years.

27. Get a full body massage.

28. Find an organization method that works for the house and stick to it.

29. Sell something I made.

30. Get down to 150 pounds again.


The majority of this blog will be dedicated to tracking my progress while working on this project… it’s even on the list… so, here’s to progress!