28. Find an Organization Method that Works for the House and Stick to it

I need to keep my space organized and tidy. On a deeper level this comes from how my mother raised me. On a practical level, I need an organized home because anything can happen. In March of 2016 my house was broken into. All of my things were tossed around and gone through. My dresser drawers, my bed was in the middle of the room, my papasan chair was over turned, my desk drawers were emptied, my kitchen cabinets riffled through and left open. It was a very traumatizing thing for months. When my mom showed up to help us with the cleanup she kept asking questions about where things were and if I could tell if things were missing. I felt ashamed to have to tell her that I didn’t know where everything was supposed to be or if certain things were missing. The state of clutter and disorganization that Nathan and I had been living in made it so much harder to assess the real damages of our situation. I will never again leave my house to the unknown like that. So I need to find a method that will work continuously for me.